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Prep AM Goes Palarong Pinoy!

prep-am-palarong-pinoy-05.pngby Vivian C. Sy, Prep F Parent

The Prep AM kicked off its Filipino-themed Fellowship Day entitled “Sama sama Tayo sa PREPalaro” with a Holy Mass, which was officiated by the school director, Fr. Johnny Go, S.J. last September 2, 2007.

Even if it was a Sunday, throngs of families showed up eagerly and promptly for a morning of active fun, camaraderie and appreciation for good old Filipino values and traditional games. Fr. Go commended the early turn-out as he gladly welcomed everyone to this annual gathering before he gave the final blessings.

prep-am-palarong-pinoy-09.pngSince the Prep boys formally started to study Filipino as a subject this year, the fellowship aimed to show Filipino culture in action. To encourage and reinforce the students’ learning and enjoyment of the day’s activities, each class was assigned a Filipino value and a game to represent.

Led by Teacher Flora Alfonso, Assistant Principal of Unit 1 and accompanied by the respective advisers and Chinese teachers, the class parade began with the boys sporting color-coded shirts and creatively designed hats made from newspapers. They proudly displayed their banners that were prepared on-the-spot by the parents. Marching on and shouting their cheers were the classes of Matulungin, Magalang, Matapat, Masunurin, Matiyaga and Masipag.

prep-am-palarong-pinoy-04.pngThe highlights of the event were the Filipino games which we grew up with but may have seemed strange to our Prep sons. Everyone was challenged to get past ‘patintero,’ execute the luksong-tinik and kick the sipa with much energy and fervor. Amidst rousing cheers and excitement, the boys gamely donned native hats and carried bayongs as they played the piko before proceeding to do some talipapa shopping where the boys had to pick a vegetable that matched a previously selected card, then headed off to do some jumping jacks to complete the course.


The children were also treated to an interactive exhibit which was set up by the parents who prepared magnified illustrations with simple instructions and actual materials for the six Pinoy games. Against brightly decorated “booths” adorned by colorful banderitas, the kids enjoyed observing and trying out playing (for the first time, for most of them!) sungka, tumbang-preso, jolens, piko, luksong-tinik and sipa.

prep-am-palarong-pinoy-01.pngAs an XSPA-initiated event, this fellowship was the first to be held among the five EED levels this school year. Mr. Peter Gaw, XSPA Chairman, was on hand to give the opening speech and to emphasize the significance of the event – an opportunity for the families to get to know the other members of the level and to create lasting friendships. It was followed by a short message from the Prep AM Level Rep, Wilson Sy, who couldn’t wait to thank everyone for their generous outpouring of support, cooperation and participation especially during the three week preparation. He called onstage the class reps and all those who comprised the Fellowship Committee for their selfless contribution in a shared effort to make this event both memorable and enjoyable.

prep-am-palarong-pinoy-03.pngTo further enrich the imagination and curiosity of the children, a puppet show called “Tali-Galaw” was staged by professional puppeteers who demonstrated traditional dances like tinikling and the igorot dance. It was capped by the classic story of “Ang Ibong Adarna,” replete with narration and inspiring background music. Everyone was also entertained by Hoofy, the school mascot, and Ronald McDonald.

At the end of the day, the prep boys were exhausted yet in high spirits from this fun experience which they shared, not only with their own families, but with the bigger Prep family. They were equally delighted with the loot bags that included typical Pinoy toys such as yoyos and kites; while the adults in the crowd were just too glad to reminisce on their younger days of playing those good ol’ Pinoy games. And as if this was not enough, each class had something to bring back to their classrooms – the certificates of recognition awarded by Teacher Flora for the Pinakamaaga, Pinakamarami, Pinakamasigla, Pinakamalakas, Pinakamaayos and Pinakaisport – certainly an apt finale to the morning’s activities which saw true fellowship at work and at play.

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