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Faces of God in Catechism


by Jessel Herradura (H3D), YCLC Member

Last February 13, 19 children from the communities of Barasoain and Mascardo in San Juan received first communion in Mary The Queen church. This marked the end of the 10 long weeks that we, H3 YCLCers, spent with them as we took time to teach about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

catechism-group-mass.jpgAt first, we were a bit anxious about the whole idea. Teaching them catechism was a new kind of experience that Xaverians are not accustomed to. Some of us felt that teaching them would be risky because their environment was different from ours and we were clueless on how we were supposed to relate with them.

Aside from that, we encountered a lot of profound terms that we found hard to explain. We were also uncertain about our teaching techniques and activities because we did not know if we could pull them off. But one of our moderators once told us that we should do our best, and let God do the rest to work His wonders.

catechism-group-communion.jpgIn the end, this trust was what probably drove each and every YCLCer to have week-long planning sessions and to strive to speak in Filipino even to the extent of getting a nosebleed. Our efforts paid off and the children started showing confidence and trust in us as well. Their words, “Kuya, next week po ulit!” showed they looked forward to our coming. Their embraces reassured us.

catechism-group-communion2.jpgThese children have become very dear to my heart.  I love Isa’s outspokenness, Eman’s intelligence, Betty’s charm, Ingrid’s cuteness, Macoy’s sense of humor, Raniel’s addiction to Dota, and the rest of them for their various traits. As a YCLCer who seeks to be a part of a crusade that brings people closer to God, I never thought that these children would also serve as teachers to us. They showed us the side of God who is happy being with His people. Indeed, their affection, purity, and playfulness showed us, their teachers, how Jesus loved His children.

catechism-group.jpgLove—Service—Trust.  As a catechist, I never thought that I would be taught these virtues. All I knew was I had to teach them these virtues in the light of the Holy Eucharist without getting anything in return. But as the Xaverians and the children interacted with each other, we were able to witness these virtues come alive in small gestures. It’s surprising how these simple gestures teach us a lot about God. They learned from us and we learned from them, and together, we saw God.

Moderator’s note: This school year, the YCLC decided to explore various apostolate actitivies, one of which is a tie-up with Mary The Queen Parish to teach catechism to the kids of Barasoain and Mascardo to prepare them for first communion.  The YCLC also wishes to thank the Grade School CLE Department headed by Ms. Lou Mesina for the support and assistance in the activity, and Fr. Guy Guibelondo for celebrating the Mass.

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