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G2 Boys Become Full-fledged KAB Scouts


By Vivian C. Sy, mother of Zachary Sy , Grade 2 Section I

September 4 and 11 were marked special days in the Grade 2 calendar. “…..your son, having fulfilled all the requirements needed for membership into the scouting program, will be welcomed into the brotherhood of scouting in a solemn Investiture Ceremony….” When this circular was released, the boys just couldn’t hide their excitement.

dsc_3153.jpgIn fact, the weeks preceding these red-letter dates saw the students and their kawan leaders busy with practice and preparation, notably, with a purposeful element of surprise. “No, we can’t tell you what we are doing, Mom, just wait and see.” No wonder this anticipation was shared by the families as well.  After all, this is ‘The Day’ when they will be granted the right and privilege to wear their scarves with the carabao slides.

The Grade 2 boys began their foray into scouting only this school year. Donning their scouting uniform was a novelty in dsc_3205.jpgitself; learning about and exploring the world of scouting was like going on an adventure. Thus, getting invested was an event that they all looked forward to. And so, at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Bianca de Leon,  Grade 2D class adviser, showed the audience how to fold the scarf and get it ready to place on their son’s neck. It was both funny and interesting to see how some tried to perfect the art of folding while others were contented enough with one attempt.

dsc_3305.jpgThe Angelo King MPC was soon filled with the cheery and melodious voices of the KAB Scouts, who led the entrance march along with the Kawan Leaders and guests, as they sang “Scouting ang Sandigan.” Ms. Kristelle Garcia, Unit 2 Team Leader, introduced the guest speaker, Mr. John de Guzman. He is a member of the Xavier AAXS Board of Trustees who has served in numerous national and international scouting activities. He shared with everyone how to make this world a better place to live in as he cited the effects of climate change.

dsc_3158.jpgMrs. Josefina Galvez, Student Activities Program Coordinator, led the pledge of the Kawan leaders,  the first mentors and inspiration of the young scouts. With heads high and shoulders straight, the scouts then took their oath and pledged their allegiance to the laws and ideals of scouting. This was followed by a solemn candle-lighting ceremony led by selected students. As the room was engulfed with yellow flickering lights, one could almost see the rays of hope and promise that exuded from each and every scout present.

dsc_3235.jpgBut the highlight of the afternoon’s activity was the wearing of the scarves which was first blessed by Fr. Art Borja, S.J., School Chaplain. This was undoubtedly the Kodak moment when parents and guardians couldn’t seem to get enough shots to capture that fleeting but symbolic moment that captured their sons’ feeling of pride and accomplishment.

dsc_3240.jpgThe scouts’ well-kept surprise was giving their parents a string necklace with a personally-made “pendant” where they scribbled their loving messages. As if this was not touching enough, the scouts serenaded their parents with a heartwarming rendition of “A Little Love.” One can’t help but feel nostalgic, grateful, and blessed.

dsc_3166.jpgIn closing, Mrs. Arlene Choo, Assistant Principal of Unit 2, addressed both the scouts and their families. She said that being a scout is not just about wearing the scarf but a way of helping oneself to become a true Xaverian. She exhorted the boys to love God, to love our country, to love others, and to do a good deed every day.

dsc_3312.jpgThe ceremony was followed by a “Twilight Campfire.” However, due to inclement weather, it was held indoors. Nevertheless, a creative makeshift bonfire, exciting games, and thunderous cheers more than made up for the rainy afternoon. Both teachers and students participated with much enthusiasm as parents and guests enjoyed the merriment. To add to the pervading high spirits, selected students danced and grooved to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Black or White.

dsc_3239.jpgIn one simple yet meaningful ceremony, a historic moment unfolded in the lives of the Grade 2 KAB scouts and their families. In one improvised yet fun-filled campfire, a special bond was created and shared by all. Once again, an important tradition of the Scouting Movement became alive and continued to live on as the XS Grade 2 boys became full-fledged KAB Scouts and officially joined the millions of scouts all over the world.

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