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Singing Their Way to Victory!

Choir Pic 1The Vox Angeli Children’s Choir, including four Xaverians, returned to Manila victorious after emerging as champions in the Children’s Choir category (A2) of the 2008 Hongkong International Youth and Children’s Choir Festival. slide1.jpgThey also garnered the Silver B Award in the folklore category of the competition. The choir was also invited to represent the Philippines in the “World Sings for Olympics” Concert in Hongkong with international superstar Jackie Chan which will be aired at Phoenix TV in 200 countries worldwide during the Olympics opening week ceremonies in August. The group was represented by 26 kids from different schools of which four are grade school students of Xavier School, namely; Juancho Victor Aguirre (1F), Jerrold Castaneda and Lance Michael Lagamayo (4A), and William Daniel Concepcion, (6 H).

slide2.jpgCongratulations to our world-class singers!

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