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Real Men Bond This Way: A Dad’s Take on the Father-Son Camp


by Carli D. Recio II, father of Carli III and XSPA Class Rep 3-I

When I first heard about the traditional Father and Son Camp for the Grade 3 boys when my son was still in Prep, I have looked forward to this event with much unabated excitement. Secretly, I would make my personal countdown for every year that passes by prior to my son’s turning Grade 3. The anticipation was even magnified when my son had his Mother and Son Camp last year. Read the rest of this entry »

Quality Time: A Dad’s Feedback on G3 Father and Son Camp

By: Ernesto Maceda, Jr., father of Ernest of Grade 3B

PROLOGUE. It strikes when you least expect it. To me, it happened at Sunday Mass. One minute, I sat enraptured, listening to the priest’s words of enlightenment. The next minute, I couldn’t help but hum the familiar lyrics of a ditty that had consumed my memory space from the previous night. Last song syndrome! The song? ACHUCHICHA. Read the rest of this entry »

Faces of God in Catechism


by Jessel Herradura (H3D), YCLC Member

Last February 13, 19 children from the communities of Barasoain and Mascardo in San Juan received first communion in Mary The Queen church. This marked the end of the 10 long weeks that we, H3 YCLCers, spent with them as we took time to teach about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

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Reflections on the Faith Conversation with Fr. Jesus Muñoz

by Shella Chua, Chinese Department


Last January 26, 2010, the Integrated Chinese Department had the opportunity to engage in a faith conversation with Fr. Jesus Muñoz, SJ, a speaker invited by IGNITE.  Fr Mu, as he is fondly called, is a Spaniard who speaks very fluent Mandarin. He studied Theology, Masters in Scripture and Doctorate in Theology in Taiwan. At present, he teaches Spanish in Furen College and usually gets invited to talk about the scriptures. Read the rest of this entry »

EDSOR 2010: Igniting the Spirit of Patriotism

by Paolo Joquino, G6-B

cory.jpgThe EDSOR Peace Camp 2010 was a salad of activities- from inspirational talks to application skits- all underlining one word often taken in the context of the past, but terribly needed in the present: patriotism. Being this year’s host, the peace camp was held in Xavier, specifically in the High School Area, from January 15-16. Read the rest of this entry »

Cooking a Christmas Miracle for ERDA


by Jose Maria Claro

Perhaps Christmas is the only time of the year when a teacher doesn’t feel like he or she is in a job that demands more than it compensates. This is especially true in Xavier School, where, every year, the parents’ organization throws a party for their children’s mentors and ensure that each receives a noche buena package and a Christmas bonus.

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“What’s in Your Manger?”

(Note:  This homily was delivered by Fr. Johnny Go, SJ during the Midnight Mass last 24 December in the Sacred Heart Patio)

Over 500 years before the very first Christmas, between 620 to 560 BC, there lived in Ancient Greece a famous storyteller.  Read the rest of this entry »

“Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko” Enchants Audience

by Patrick Wee (H1C), Stallion News Writer

img_0494-2.jpgThe play, Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko, was presented by Stage FX on December 5, 9 and 12 at the Xavier School Lecture Hall. The hour-long play focuses on a teacher who sticks to his old-fashioned way of teaching, and how his method has not proven to be effective on the students of today. Moreover, the play depicted how deprived the public school teachers are and how terrible the public education system in the Philippines has become.

As quoted from the play: “ Alam n’yo, totoo naman talagang nagwe-waiter ako sa Cubao pag gabi. Kasi, kulang na kulang ang sinusuweldo ko dito sa eskuwelahang ito. Madami pa akong pinag-aaral. Madami pa akong utang na binabayaran.”  (You know, it’s true that I work as waiter in Cubao at night. The pay in this school is very insufficient. I still have to shoulder the tuition fee of some children, and I still have a lot of loans I haven’t paid for.)

img_0502-for-patrick.jpgThe play’s cast included Christian Go (H1C) in the lead role as Propesor Tuko. The students of Propesor Tuko included Kiko, played by Geremy Kho (H4G), Bodyok, played by Gian Odeste (H2G), Bondying, played by Jurel Yap (H2A) and Nognog, played by Royce Tee (H1D).

“We were able to pull off a successful run,” said Royce Tee (H1D). This description is definitely an understatement, as the audience was undoubtedly enthralled by the performance.

Thoughts of the Director a Night Before the Show

by Luis Marcelo

fx-tuko-teaser-b.jpgI honestly don’t know where I should begin to write about Tuko. It’s been one whirlwind of a production, and it seems strange to look for a beginning just when it’s about to end.

I guess the play never really did have an official start. In fact, it wasn’t even supposed to begin: had the typhoons not come and delayed our major production, the idea to present a one-act show wouldn’t have even popped into our heads. But here we are, in the middle of it all, and everything that at first felt so surreal has finally come to life.

I must admit, we’ve been quite ambitious to even think of pulling it off what with the short amount of time we had to work with. Admittedly, I was really determined to put something on before the year ends, and even if it meant more hassle and rubble to deal with, I really pushed for the production to happen. Thankfully, everyone was patient enough to bear with my insistence—and I guess everyone was just as excited as I was to make a show.

And so rehearsals began. What started out as hyperactive play sessions turned into long, tiring nights. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into—and what I had put everyone else into as well. But there we were, slaving over scenes. Repeating scenes till any bone marrow we had left was sucked away. Repeating scenes till any bone marrow we had left was sucked away. Repeating scenes till any bone marrow we had left was sucked away… Who knew our energy could go off in a snap?

Honestly, most of us—myself included—lost faith in the play at some point. Was it because of fear? Of tension? Of exhaustion? Of hunger? Either way, the feeling got scary, especially since the show was just a few hours away. Especially because we could barely make it through even a half of the play. But one night can do wonders, and on the Thursday before the show, things started to take shape, and our smiles slowly started to come back.

Lo and behold: laughter. The sweet music that is laughter. And it was overwhelmingly beautiful. Friday night was the first time I had ever seen an FX play from the audience area—I’m usually on stage. It was nerve-racking to be seated there. You couldn’t do anything anymore: you’re just glued your seat and you pray things go well. Being there however, amidst all the fun vibes and the exuberant laughs, I couldn’t help but feel proud. I was looking at what we had done, and it just seemed utterly brilliant, truly magical.

If there’s one thing I am right now, it’s proud. I’m proud. Proud like a painter for the artwork that stands colorful and fresh, like a student for the project he’s been working on all night, like a father for his son. As I watched the show, I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of pride fill me—pride for the play, for my club. All the sweat, the blood and the tears were slowly paying off. And I’m just glad to be a part of it.


Review: Community - Funny and Then Some!


By Edmer Maguan, H3F

For the past few years, not much of the new TV comedies have been worth giving any attention. A lot of these shows are actually just old plots retold through new characters. However, one new TV show that premiered last September is NBC’s Community–completely original and at the same time, absolutely charming. Read the rest of this entry »

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